The Game Plan - Genesis 12-17 - Stephen Miller

July 8, 2018

Everyone is looking for how everything became to be. They look and look and develop theory's and ideas but they alway come to a point of incompletetion.  Why is that? They are looking in the wrong place. Let's listen to Stephen explain the differences in this.


This is Us - Fathers Day - Philemon - Justin Dowoit

June 17, 2018

What makes a great Father? Think for a moment on that point. Now remember that those things that make a great fahter also make a great Desciple. Now take those things and be a light to someone as you desciple.


Vision Sunday - Luke 15 - Rick Moore

June 3, 2018

Did you realize that your first words create an impact to those around you? Did YOU findGod by what someone said and you realized you were missing something? Those words will bring you home to God. Rick has a great message today to focus on this. Let's listen.......


This is Us - Rick Moore James 4 11-17

May 20, 2018

" Love your neighbor as Yourself ".  How do you view the people around you? Do you Criticize?  Do you Judge? Do you do this without knowing what the cercumstances are?  When you do this you are criticizing and judging God's law!  Let's here what Rick has to say in this week's message.


This is Us - Wisdom from God - James 3: 13-18 - Rick Moore

May 6, 2018

I Believe! What does it take to say this with all your heart? We were not an eyewitness to watch the works of Jesus. Where do we get the wisdom to Believe? Let's listen to Rick give some insight to this.


This is Us - Dave Gadoury - James 2: 14-26

April 29, 2018

We are blessed to have Dave Gadoury as our guest speaker. Today he brings a message in our series. Is it Faith or Works or is it Faith and Works? How does this apply to our lives? Let's listen to Dave explain how this works


This is Us Rick Moore - James 1: 19-25

April 15, 2018

Think about the conversations you havewith people around you. they may be good or bad, happy orangry. Do you listen to those around you or are you thimking about what you will say. Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.  Let's listen to how Rick explains this and how we are to act.


Don’t waste your Life - Rick Moore- Matthew 9 - 9-13

April 1, 2018

On this Easter, we need to reflect where our lives are. No matter who you are, where you are in your life, God sees you. He sees your trials and your happy times. Just remember he is where you are. What does it take to be a follower of Jesus. Let's listen to Rick and see what this means.


Don’t Waste Your Time - Justin Dowoit - Matthew 5:27-37

March 18, 2018

Do you look for a wayout? A way to explain away the bad in our life. Jesus points out what is sin. He also broadens that to show us that the loophole we think is our way out but show us that we are all the same. He does this not to condem us but reminds us that sin comes from our heart. Jesus came to save us from that sin. Let's listen to Justin explain to us what this all means.


Don’t Waste Your Life - Matthew 5: 17-18 - Rick Moore

March 4, 2018

Are you trying to make up for your own sin by doing good, by doing what comes from you? You can't do it by yourself, trying to make up for your sin. It is only when you let God take control. Jesus came to accomplish this in you place.  Let's listen to Rick explain this.